Sunday, March 01, 2009

selamat datang march !!

ada satu impian, tapi tak pernah tercapai. impian ingin memiliki tulisan yang kemas dan stabil. dari baris pertama hingga baris terakhir. hairan. bagaimana orang mampu mengekalkan corak tulisan di dalam beberapa helai kertas. tidak terasa lenguhkah?

i like digi lates commercial. so cute. i like the tune. then i look at you, i know it's gonna be a lovely day, a lovely day..
but i'm not digi user.

happy belated birthday to all februarians.

i have 5 new kittens; button, sugar, rainbow and 2 unnamed. haven't got any enlightenment yet. perhaps later.

i've got green light to buy a new laptop from my mother. but, perhaps later. i'm still ok. dell's flyer is tempting though. but toshiba is quite sexy.

i feel like having a cake. a quick stop at a bakery, later this evening, perhaps.

luck. may it be good. to me, you, him, her, them. to everyone.


ruslina said...

uip, been q1uiet lately,

yi ya ni said...

ahaks.. finding solace..

ruslina said...

the un named:
1. cocoa krunch
2. selambau