Wednesday, March 28, 2012


.. Di suatu senja di musim yang lalu,,
Ketika itu hujan rintik..
.. Terpukau aku menatap wajahmu,,
Di remang cahaya sinar pelangi,,
Lalu engkau tersenyum..
.. Ku menyesali diri,,
Tak tahu apakah erti senyummu..

Widuri ..

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Maybe i'm lacking sleep!!
I'm so full of negativity aura today!!
I really despise this!!
I need happiness positive vibe!!
Owhhh everything so annoying today!!
From traffic to that uncle cutting my queue!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

April Photo Challenge!!

I know its still March.. I just want to prepare..
Been tagged by Annaredz to this instagram April Photo Challenge..
I don't do March,, but I'm looking forward for April..
Something to do to keep me occupied.,, perhaps..

I need an escapism!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

On a day like today,,

Blank Mind!!
Blank Mind!!
Blank Mind!!

Percaya kepada Qada dan Qadar!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arabella's Wedding

First time attending a wedding in a hotel. :)
It's feel majestic and surreal..
Owhh no bride and groom pixs..
That the pro photographer job..
Hihi :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eggs Doodling!!

Ooohhh spending one day with 600 pieces of eggs.. Wouldn't it be wasted if we're not doodling some.. Hehehehe

**doodles by Annaredz,,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rebuih teloq kenuri

Awesome but tiring experience!!
Me,, Annaredz and Nana got this task to boil 600 eggs for Azura's wedding!!
Duh,, its not that easy!!
Hard labour,, heeeee,,
But its fun to do it in group!!
Sadly not all available that day,,

The tips for perfect boiled egg,,
1. Put pinch of salt in the water.
2. Make sure the water is boiling hot.
3. Put the eggs for 15 minutes.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Date a Girl Who Takes Photograph,,

Written By : Claiie Esmile (

Date a girl who takes photographs. Date a girl whose favorite sound is the click-click of the shutter as it closes and opens to capture a memory. Date a girl who sees the wonder in the simplest things. Date a girl who looks at the world and wonders how to put a little of herself in it.

You might find her in the park, lost behind her lens, the world a blur around her as she tries to capture a single moment in time. You might find her in an exhibit, a look of concentration on her face as she contemplates a photograph that called out to her as she was passing by. Or maybe you will find her in a bookstore, a book in her lap as she pores over photographs of weddings all the while wondering what hers would look like.

Take her out to photo walks and laugh as she tries to take a picture of you. When she gets tired of walking, buy her cupcakes but wait until she has taken pictures of them before proceeding to eat them. Listen as she tells you her ideas for a photo shoot on the ride home.

Take her to a restaurant and wait patiently as she surveys the menu carefully, appreciating the food photography. And again, wait until she has taken a photo of your food before digging in. Allow her introduce you to Ansel Adams while you both eat your lunch. Introduce her to your favorite musician as you wait for the bill to arrive. When you get home, change your Facebook profile picture into a photograph she took of you. She silently hoped for it.

Take stolen shots of her. Compile it and give it to her on her birthday. Tell her you love her over and over until your voice replaces the click of the shutter as her favorite sound. Kiss her after she lifts her head up from the camera. Give her camera-shaped necklaces. Go places with her.

You will never be bored again.

Date a girl who takes photographs. She will never whine about a little dirt on her favorite pair of jeans as she kneels down to get a better angle of her subject. She will never be afraid to take adventures with you. She will take photographs of you not just with her camera but with her mind as well and keep it to herself to admire at night. But above all, she will teach you how to look at the world with a brand new perspective and she will do that unknowingly.

Marry a girl who takes photographs. Ditch those wedding photography books and give her the most beautiful wedding you could. She will teach your kids to find the beauty in everything just as she had taught you. Every day will be an adventure as she tries to create photograph-worthy memories with you. She may wake you up in the middle of the night because she is buzzing with ideas but she will make it up in the morning with a stack of hot pancakes beside a steaming cup of your favorite coffee blend.

Grow old with a girl who takes photographs. Sit with her on the front porch as you both pore over the bits and pieces of the moments you've had together. Stroke her hair as you both relive the photo walks that you took and the places you have been when you were both young. Smile as you both reenact your clever wedding vows.

Date a girl who takes photographs because she will always see that "something" in the most "nothing" of things. She will never let anyone take you away from her like she never lets anyone steal her photos and that is just one of the evidences that she loves you.

Nasi Kandar Pak Su

Ohoyyyy,, ada restoran baru buka berdekatan ngan rumah,,
Guess what!! Nasi Kandar baq hang!! Melayu deh,, ada time lunch pulak tu!!
Oyyy suka la I,,
Yang paling penting,, SEDAP!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

In contrary

Happiness needs sadness.
Success needs failure.
Benevolence needs evil.
Love needs hatred.
Victory needs defeat.
Pleasure needs pain.
You must experience and accept the extremes because if the contrast is lost, you lost appreciation;
and when you lose appreciation, you lose the value of everything.


Oh my kitty

My boy has become sooooooo handsome!! Kekekekeke